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Slowing Entropy

Slowing Entropy! The 2nd law of thermodynamics known as entropy simply put, states that nature is moving from order to disorder and chaos. Will the paint job on your house maintain its fresh appearance over time? Will your car stay in new condition over years and miles, or will it tend toward disorder and destruction? A piece of new steel left in the elements will decay. Although work can slow the process of entropy, it cannot stop it. Science writer Isaac Asimov explained: “The universe is constantly getting more disorderly!”

Viewed that way we can see the Second Law of thermodynamics all around us. We have to work hard to keep our vehicle in good working order. How difficult it is to maintain houses, and machinery, and keep our own bodies in perfect working order: how easy it is to let them deteriorate. In fact, all we have to do is nothing, and everything deteriorates, collapses, breaks down, wears out, all by itself—and that is what the Second Law is all about.

What I want to do is slow entropy by taking metal that is "returning to dust" (Genesis 3:19) and salvage it to something usable and sometimes attractive. If I succeed it becomes something that is "so ugly it's cute!"

(Photo Below) Custom Build


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I am a self taught metal fabricator and artist with a gift for turning discarded steel into art objects. Like many of us, I believe we are "damaged goods" or a "lost cause."

In my life Jesus lifted me up, dusted me off and changed my heart so that I could change from the inside out to what He wants me to be. In the same way it is my goal to create works of art from "cast offs" as the Lord leads. My preference is to leave a natural patina and have the metal to reflect its imperfections from dealing with the elements.

I hope you enjoy my form of art! - Bob

(Photos Below)
1). Copper Bowl & Copper Patina
2). 1950's International Harvester semi-truck fuel tank
3). Firewood rack made from fiber optic cable reel.


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